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Phone Codes

ID Country International Code National Code Dialing Prefix
Address Book535 Countries - Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan ISO93 N/A Phone0
Address Book536 Countries - Aland Islands Flag Aland Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book537 Countries - Albania Flag Albania ISO355 N/A Phone0
Address Book538 Countries - Algeria Flag Algeria ISO213 N/A Phone0
Address Book539 Countries - American Samoa Flag American Samoa ISO1 Phone 684 Phone11
Address Book540 Countries - Andorra Flag Andorra ISO376 N/A Phone0
Address Book541 Countries - Angola Flag Angola ISO244 N/A Phone0
Address Book542 Countries - Anguilla Flag Anguilla ISO1 Phone 264 (ANG) Phone11
Address Book543 Countries - Antarctica Flag Antarctica ISO N/A Phone
Address Book544 Countries - Antigua and Barbuda Flag Antigua and Barbuda ISO1 Phone 268 (ANT) Phone11
Address Book545 Countries - Argentina Flag Argentina ISO54 N/A Phone0
Address Book546 Countries - Armenia Flag Armenia ISO374 N/A Phone0
Address Book547 Countries - Aruba Flag Aruba ISO297 N/A Phone0
Address Book548 Countries - Australia Flag Australia ISO61 N/A Phone11
Address Book549 Countries - Austria Flag Austria ISO43 N/A Phone0
Address Book550 Countries - Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan ISO994 N/A Phone810
Address Book551 Countries - Bahamas Flag Bahamas ISO1 Phone 242 (BAH) Phone11
Address Book552 Countries - Bahrain Flag Bahrain ISO973 N/A Phone0
Address Book553 Countries - Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh ISO880 N/A Phone0
Address Book554 Countries - Barbados Flag Barbados ISO1 Phone 246 Phone11
Address Book555 Countries - Belarus Flag Belarus ISO375 N/A Phone810
Address Book556 Countries - Belgium Flag Belgium ISO32 N/A Phone0
Address Book557 Countries - Belize Flag Belize ISO501 N/A Phone0
Address Book558 Countries - Benin Flag Benin ISO229 N/A Phone0
Address Book559 Countries - Bermuda Flag Bermuda ISO1 Phone 441 Phone11
Address Book560 Countries - Bhutan Flag Bhutan ISO975 N/A Phone0
Address Book561 Countries - Bolivia Flag Bolivia ISO591 N/A Phone10
Address Book562 Countries - Bonaire Flag Bonaire ISO N/A Phone
Address Book563 Countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina ISO387 N/A Phone0
Address Book564 Countries - Botswana Flag Botswana ISO267 N/A Phone0
Address Book565 Countries - Bouvet Island Flag Bouvet Island ISO N/A Phone
Address Book566 Countries - Brazil Flag Brazil ISO55 N/A Phone14
Address Book567 Countries - British Indian Ocean Territory Flag British Indian Ocean Territory ISO N/A Phone
Address Book568 Countries - British Virgin Islands Flag British Virgin Islands ISO1 Phone 284 (BVI) Phone11
Address Book569 Countries - Brunei Flag Brunei ISO673 N/A Phone0
Address Book570 Countries - Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria ISO359 N/A Phone0
Address Book571 Countries - Burkina Faso Flag Burkina Faso ISO226 N/A Phone0
Address Book572 Countries - Burundi Flag Burundi ISO257 N/A Phone0
Address Book573 Countries - Cabo Verde Flag Cabo Verde ISO238 N/A Phone0
Address Book574 Countries - Cambodia Flag Cambodia ISO855 N/A Phone0
Address Book575 Countries - Cameroon Flag Cameroon ISO237 N/A Phone0
Address Book576 Countries - Canada Flag Canada ISO1 N/A Phone11
Address Book577 Countries - Cayman Islands Flag Cayman Islands ISO1 Phone 345 Phone11
Address Book578 Countries - Central African Republic Flag Central African Republic ISO236 N/A Phone0
Address Book579 Countries - Chad Flag Chad ISO235 N/A Phone15
Address Book580 Countries - Chile Flag Chile ISO56 N/A Phone0
Address Book581 Countries - China Flag China ISO86 N/A Phone0
Address Book582 Countries - Christmas Island Flag Christmas Island ISO61 Phone 8 Phone11
Address Book583 Countries - Cocos (Keeling) Islands Flag Cocos (Keeling) Islands ISO61 Phone 8 Phone11
Address Book584 Countries - Colombia Flag Colombia ISO57 N/A Phone5
Address Book585 Countries - Comoros Flag Comoros ISO269 N/A Phone0
Address Book586 Countries - Cook Islands Flag Cook Islands ISO682 N/A Phone0
Address Book587 Countries - Costa Rica Flag Costa Rica ISO506 N/A Phone0
Address Book588 Countries - Ivory Coast Flag Ivory Coast ISO225 N/A Phone0
Address Book589 Countries - Croatia Flag Croatia ISO385 N/A Phone0
Address Book590 Countries - Cuba Flag Cuba ISO53 N/A Phone119
Address Book591 Countries - Curacao Flag Curacao ISO N/A Phone
Address Book592 Countries - Cyprus Flag Cyprus ISO357 N/A Phone0
Address Book593 Countries - Czechia Flag Czechia ISO420 N/A Phone0
Address Book594 Countries - Democratic Republic of the Congo Flag Democratic Republic of the Congo ISO243 N/A Phone0
Address Book595 Countries - Denmark Flag Denmark ISO45 N/A Phone0
Address Book596 Countries - Djibouti Flag Djibouti ISO253 N/A Phone0
Address Book597 Countries - Dominica Flag Dominica ISO1 Phone 767 (ROS) Phone11
Address Book598 Countries - Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic ISO1 Phone 809, 829, 849 Phone11
Address Book599 Countries - Ecuador Flag Ecuador ISO593 N/A Phone0
Address Book600 Countries - Egypt Flag Egypt ISO20 N/A Phone0
Address Book601 Countries - El Salvador Flag El Salvador ISO503 N/A Phone0
Address Book602 Countries - Equatorial Guinea Flag Equatorial Guinea ISO240 N/A Phone0
Address Book603 Countries - Eritrea Flag Eritrea ISO291 N/A Phone0
Address Book604 Countries - Estonia Flag Estonia ISO372 N/A Phone0
Address Book605 Countries - Eswatini Flag Eswatini ISO268 N/A Phone0
Address Book606 Countries - Ethiopia Flag Ethiopia ISO251 N/A Phone0
Address Book607 Countries - Falkland Islands Flag Falkland Islands ISO500 N/A Phone0
Address Book608 Countries - Faroe Islands Flag Faroe Islands ISO298 N/A Phone0
Address Book609 Countries - Fiji Flag Fiji ISO679 N/A Phone0
Address Book610 Countries - Finland Flag Finland ISO358 N/A Phone0
Address Book611 Countries - France Flag France ISO33 N/A Phone0
Address Book612 Countries - French Guiana Flag French Guiana ISO594 N/A Phone0
Address Book613 Countries - French Polynesia Flag French Polynesia ISO689 N/A Phone0
Address Book614 Countries - French Southern and Antarctic Lands Flag French Southern and Antarctic Lands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book615 Countries - Gabon Flag Gabon ISO241 N/A Phone0
Address Book616 Countries - Gambia Flag Gambia ISO220 N/A Phone0
Address Book617 Countries - Georgia Flag Georgia ISO995 N/A Phone810
Address Book618 Countries - Germany Flag Germany ISO49 N/A Phone0
Address Book619 Countries - Ghana Flag Ghana ISO233 N/A Phone0
Address Book620 Countries - Gibraltar Flag Gibraltar ISO350 N/A Phone0
Address Book621 Countries - Greece Flag Greece ISO30 N/A Phone0
Address Book622 Countries - Greenland Flag Greenland ISO299 N/A Phone9
Address Book623 Countries - Grenada Flag Grenada ISO1 Phone 473 Phone11
Address Book624 Countries - Guadeloupe Flag Guadeloupe ISO590 N/A Phone0
Address Book625 Countries - Guam Flag Guam ISO1 Phone 671 Phone11
Address Book626 Countries - Guatemala Flag Guatemala ISO502 N/A Phone0
Address Book627 Countries - Guernsey Flag Guernsey ISO N/A Phone
Address Book628 Countries - Guinea Flag Guinea ISO224 N/A Phone0
Address Book629 Countries - Guinea-Bissau Flag Guinea-Bissau ISO245 N/A Phone0
Address Book630 Countries - Guyana Flag Guyana ISO592 N/A Phone0
Address Book631 Countries - Haiti Flag Haiti ISO509 N/A Phone0
Address Book632 Countries - Heard Island and McDonald Islands Flag Heard Island and McDonald Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book633 Countries - Holy See Flag Holy See ISO379 N/A Phone0
Address Book634 Countries - Honduras Flag Honduras ISO504 N/A Phone0
Address Book635 Countries - Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong ISO852 N/A Phone1
Address Book636 Countries - Hungary Flag Hungary ISO36 N/A Phone0
Address Book637 Countries - Iceland Flag Iceland ISO354 N/A Phone0
Address Book638 Countries - India Flag India ISO91 N/A Phone0
Address Book639 Countries - Indonesia Flag Indonesia ISO62 N/A Phone1
Address Book640 Countries - Iran Flag Iran ISO98 N/A Phone0
Address Book641 Countries - Iraq Flag Iraq ISO964 N/A Phone0
Address Book642 Countries - Ireland Flag Ireland ISO353 N/A Phone0
Address Book643 Countries - Isle of Man Flag Isle of Man ISO N/A Phone
Address Book644 Countries - Israel Flag Israel ISO972 N/A Phone0
Address Book645 Countries - Italy Flag Italy ISO39 N/A Phone0
Address Book646 Countries - Jamaica Flag Jamaica ISO1 Phone 876 Phone11
Address Book647 Countries - Japan Flag Japan ISO81 N/A Phone10
Address Book648 Countries - Jersey Flag Jersey ISO N/A Phone
Address Book649 Countries - Jordan Flag Jordan ISO962 N/A Phone0
Address Book650 Countries - Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan ISO7 Phone 6, or 7 Phone810
Address Book651 Countries - Kenya Flag Kenya ISO254 N/A Phone0
Address Book652 Countries - Kiribati Flag Kiribati ISO686 N/A Phone0
Address Book653 Countries - Kuwait Flag Kuwait ISO965 N/A Phone0
Address Book654 Countries - Kyrgyzstan Flag Kyrgyzstan ISO996 N/A Phone0
Address Book655 Countries - Laos Flag Laos ISO856 N/A Phone0
Address Book656 Countries - Latvia Flag Latvia ISO371 N/A Phone0
Address Book657 Countries - Lebanon Flag Lebanon ISO961 N/A Phone0
Address Book658 Countries - Lesotho Flag Lesotho ISO266 N/A Phone0
Address Book659 Countries - Liberia Flag Liberia ISO231 N/A Phone0
Address Book660 Countries - Libya Flag Libya ISO218 N/A Phone0
Address Book661 Countries - Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein ISO423 N/A Phone0
Address Book662 Countries - Lithuania Flag Lithuania ISO370 N/A Phone0
Address Book663 Countries - Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg ISO352 N/A Phone0
Address Book664 Countries - Macao Flag Macao ISO853 N/A Phone0
Address Book665 Countries - Madagascar Flag Madagascar ISO261 N/A Phone0
Address Book666 Countries - Malawi Flag Malawi ISO265 N/A Phone0
Address Book667 Countries - Malaysia Flag Malaysia ISO60 N/A Phone0
Address Book668 Countries - Maldives Flag Maldives ISO960 N/A Phone0
Address Book669 Countries - Mali Flag Mali ISO223 N/A Phone0
Address Book670 Countries - Malta Flag Malta ISO356 N/A Phone0
Address Book671 Countries - Marshall Islands Flag Marshall Islands ISO692 N/A Phone0
Address Book672 Countries - Martinique Flag Martinique ISO596 N/A Phone0
Address Book673 Countries - Mauritania Flag Mauritania ISO222 N/A Phone0
Address Book674 Countries - Mauritius Flag Mauritius ISO230 N/A Phone20
Address Book675 Countries - Mayotte Flag Mayotte ISO262 N/A Phone0
Address Book676 Countries - Mexico Flag Mexico ISO52 N/A Phone0
Address Book677 Countries - Micronesia Flag Micronesia ISO691 N/A Phone11
Address Book678 Countries - Moldova Flag Moldova ISO373 N/A Phone0
Address Book679 Countries - Monaco Flag Monaco ISO377 N/A Phone0
Address Book680 Countries - Mongolia Flag Mongolia ISO976 N/A Phone1
Address Book681 Countries - Montenegro Flag Montenegro ISO382 N/A Phone99
Address Book682 Countries - Montserrat Flag Montserrat ISO1 Phone 664 (MOI) Phone11
Address Book683 Countries - Morocco Flag Morocco ISO212 N/A Phone0
Address Book684 Countries - Mozambique Flag Mozambique ISO258 N/A Phone0
Address Book685 Countries - Myanmar Flag Myanmar ISO95 N/A Phone0
Address Book686 Countries - Namibia Flag Namibia ISO264 N/A Phone0
Address Book687 Countries - Nauru Flag Nauru ISO674 N/A Phone0
Address Book688 Countries - Nepal Flag Nepal ISO977 N/A Phone0
Address Book689 Countries - Netherlands Flag Netherlands ISO31 N/A Phone0
Address Book690 Countries - New Caledonia Flag New Caledonia ISO687 N/A Phone0
Address Book691 Countries - New Zealand Flag New Zealand ISO64 N/A Phone0
Address Book692 Countries - Nicaragua Flag Nicaragua ISO505 N/A Phone0
Address Book693 Countries - Niger Flag Niger ISO227 N/A Phone0
Address Book694 Countries - Nigeria Flag Nigeria ISO234 N/A Phone9
Address Book695 Countries - Niue Flag Niue ISO683 N/A Phone0
Address Book696 Countries - Norfolk Island Flag Norfolk Island ISO672 N/A Phone0
Address Book697 Countries - North Korea Flag North Korea ISO850 N/A Phone0
Address Book698 Countries - North Macedonia Flag North Macedonia ISO389 N/A Phone0
Address Book699 Countries - Northern Mariana Islands Flag Northern Mariana Islands ISO1 Phone 670 Phone11
Address Book700 Countries - Norway Flag Norway ISO47 N/A Phone0
Address Book701 Countries - Oman Flag Oman ISO968 N/A Phone0
Address Book702 Countries - Pakistan Flag Pakistan ISO92 N/A Phone0
Address Book703 Countries - Palau Flag Palau ISO680 N/A Phone0
Address Book704 Countries - Palestine Flag Palestine ISO970 N/A Phone0
Address Book705 Countries - Panama Flag Panama ISO507 N/A Phone0
Address Book706 Countries - Papua New Guinea Flag Papua New Guinea ISO675 N/A Phone5
Address Book707 Countries - Paraguay Flag Paraguay ISO595 N/A Phone2
Address Book708 Countries - Peru Flag Peru ISO51 N/A Phone0
Address Book709 Countries - Philippines Flag Philippines ISO63 N/A Phone0
Address Book710 Countries - Pitcairn Islands Flag Pitcairn Islands ISO870 N/A Phone0
Address Book711 Countries - Poland Flag Poland ISO48 N/A Phone0
Address Book712 Countries - Portugal Flag Portugal ISO351 N/A Phone0
Address Book713 Countries - Puerto Rico Flag Puerto Rico ISO1 Phone 787, or 939 Phone11
Address Book714 Countries - Qatar Flag Qatar ISO974 N/A Phone0
Address Book715 Countries - Republic of the Congo Flag Republic of the Congo ISO242 N/A Phone0
Address Book716 Countries - Reunion Flag Reunion ISO262 N/A Phone0
Address Book717 Countries - Romania Flag Romania ISO40 N/A Phone0
Address Book718 Countries - Russia Flag Russia ISO7 N/A Phone810
Address Book719 Countries - Rwanda Flag Rwanda ISO250 N/A Phone0
Address Book720 Countries - Saba Flag Saba ISO N/A Phone
Address Book721 Countries - Saint Barthelemy Flag Saint Barthelemy ISO N/A Phone
Address Book722 Countries - Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Flag Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha ISO290 N/A Phone0
Address Book723 Countries - Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Saint Kitts and Nevis ISO1 Phone 869 Phone11
Address Book724 Countries - Saint Lucia Flag Saint Lucia ISO1 Phone 758 Phone11
Address Book725 Countries - Saint Martin Flag Saint Martin ISO N/A Phone
Address Book726 Countries - Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon ISO508 N/A Phone0
Address Book727 Countries - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flag Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ISO1 Phone 784 Phone11
Address Book728 Countries - Samoa Flag Samoa ISO685 N/A Phone0
Address Book729 Countries - San Marino Flag San Marino ISO378 N/A Phone0
Address Book730 Countries - Sao Tome and Principe Flag Sao Tome and Principe ISO239 N/A Phone0
Address Book731 Countries - Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia ISO966 N/A Phone0
Address Book732 Countries - Senegal Flag Senegal ISO221 N/A Phone0
Address Book733 Countries - Serbia Flag Serbia ISO381 N/A Phone99
Address Book734 Countries - Seychelles Flag Seychelles ISO248 N/A Phone0
Address Book735 Countries - Sierra Leone Flag Sierra Leone ISO232 N/A Phone0
Address Book736 Countries - Singapore Flag Singapore ISO65 N/A Phone1
Address Book737 Countries - Sint Eustatius Flag Sint Eustatius ISO N/A Phone
Address Book738 Countries - Sint Maarten Flag Sint Maarten ISO N/A Phone
Address Book739 Countries - Slovakia Flag Slovakia ISO421 N/A Phone0
Address Book740 Countries - Slovenia Flag Slovenia ISO386 N/A Phone0
Address Book741 Countries - Solomon Islands Flag Solomon Islands ISO677 N/A Phone0
Address Book742 Countries - Somalia Flag Somalia ISO252 N/A Phone0
Address Book743 Countries - South Africa Flag South Africa ISO27 N/A Phone9
Address Book744 Countries - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Flag South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book745 Countries - South Korea Flag South Korea ISO82 N/A Phone1
Address Book746 Countries - South Sudan Flag South Sudan ISO N/A Phone
Address Book747 Countries - Spain Flag Spain ISO34 N/A Phone0
Address Book748 Countries - Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka ISO94 N/A Phone0
Address Book749 Countries - Sudan Flag Sudan ISO249 N/A Phone0
Address Book750 Countries - Suriname Flag Suriname ISO597 N/A Phone0
Address Book751 Countries - Svalbard Flag Svalbard ISO47 N/A Phone0
Address Book752 Countries - Sweden Flag Sweden ISO46 N/A Phone0
Address Book753 Countries - Switzerland Flag Switzerland ISO41 N/A Phone0
Address Book754 Countries - Syria Flag Syria ISO963 N/A Phone0
Address Book755 Countries - Taiwan Flag Taiwan ISO886 N/A Phone2
Address Book756 Countries - Tajikistan Flag Tajikistan ISO992 N/A Phone810
Address Book757 Countries - Tanzania Flag Tanzania ISO255 N/A Phone0
Address Book758 Countries - Thailand Flag Thailand ISO66 N/A Phone1
Address Book759 Countries - Timor-Leste Flag Timor-Leste ISO670 N/A PhoneNone
Address Book760 Countries - Togo Flag Togo ISO228 N/A Phone0
Address Book761 Countries - Tokelau Flag Tokelau ISO690 N/A Phone0
Address Book762 Countries - Tonga Flag Tonga ISO676 N/A Phone0
Address Book763 Countries - Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad and Tobago ISO1 Phone 868 Phone11
Address Book764 Countries - Tunisia Flag Tunisia ISO216 N/A Phone0
Address Book765 Countries - Turkey Flag Turkey ISO90 N/A Phone0
Address Book766 Countries - Turkmenistan Flag Turkmenistan ISO993 N/A Phone810
Address Book767 Countries - Turks and Caicos Islands Flag Turks and Caicos Islands ISO1 Phone 649 Phone11
Address Book768 Countries - Tuvalu Flag Tuvalu ISO688 N/A Phone0
Address Book769 Countries - Uganda Flag Uganda ISO256 N/A Phone0
Address Book770 Countries - Ukraine Flag Ukraine ISO380 N/A Phone810
Address Book771 Countries - United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates ISO971 N/A Phone0
Address Book772 Countries - United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom ISO44 N/A Phone0
Address Book773 Countries - United States Flag United States ISO1 N/A Phone11
Address Book774 Countries - United States Minor Outlying Islands Flag United States Minor Outlying Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book775 Countries - Uruguay Flag Uruguay ISO598 N/A Phone0
Address Book776 Countries - US Virgin Islands Flag US Virgin Islands ISO1 Phone 340 Phone11
Address Book777 Countries - Uzbekistan Flag Uzbekistan ISO998 N/A Phone810
Address Book778 Countries - Vanuatu Flag Vanuatu ISO678 N/A Phone0
Address Book779 Countries - Venezuela Flag Venezuela ISO58 N/A Phone0
Address Book780 Countries - Vietnam Flag Vietnam ISO84 N/A Phone0
Address Book781 Countries - Wallis and Futuna Flag Wallis and Futuna ISO681 N/A Phone19
Address Book782 Countries - Western Sahara Flag Western Sahara ISO N/A Phone
Address Book783 Countries - Yemen Flag Yemen ISO967 N/A Phone0
Address Book784 Countries - Zambia Flag Zambia ISO260 N/A Phone0
Address Book785 Countries - Zimbabwe Flag Zimbabwe ISO263 N/A Phone0
Address Book786 Countries - Kosovo Flag Kosovo ISO N/A Phone383
Address Book787 Countries - Jan Mayen Flag Jan Mayen ISO47 N/A Phone
Address Book788 Countries - Northern Cyprus Flag Northern Cyprus ISO N/A Phone
Address Book789 Countries - Spratly Islands Flag Spratly Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book790 Countries - Somaliland Flag Somaliland ISO N/A Phone252
Address Book791 Countries - Serranilla Bank Flag Serranilla Bank ISO N/A Phone
Address Book792 Countries - Scarborough Reef Flag Scarborough Reef ISO N/A Phone
Address Book793 Countries - Bajo Nuevo Bank [Petrel Is.] Flag Bajo Nuevo Bank [Petrel Is.] ISO N/A Phone
Address Book794 Countries - Clipperton Island Flag Clipperton Island ISO N/A Phone
Address Book795 Countries - Coral Sea Islands Flag Coral Sea Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book796 Countries - Guantanamo Bay Flag Guantanamo Bay ISO N/A Phone
Address Book797 Countries - Kashmir Flag Kashmir ISO N/A Phone
Address Book798 Countries - Dhekelia Flag Dhekelia ISO N/A Phone
Address Book799 Countries - Akrotiri Flag Akrotiri ISO N/A Phone
Address Book800 Countries - Ashmore and Cartier Islands Flag Ashmore and Cartier Islands ISO N/A Phone
Address Book801 Countries - Kyzylorda Flag Kyzylorda ISO N/A Phone